Top 4 Ways Frontend Vs Backend Development Are Different

Mastering front end coding or back end coding can mean a very bright and secure future, but where do you begin? Answering a few questions will help you decide whether you prefer to focus on the server-side or client-side of a website, and which best fits your skills, goals, and passions. This can be super complex like the rules that determine revenue for an e-commerce company or something more common like a user profile. The front end of an application typically refers to the layer that represents the UI . This can include anything from a static site with HTML and CSS to a full React app that powers the UI.

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So, it’s not hard to see why web development is a popular career choice. Developers do backend development with Python frameworks like Django and Flask. Django is a high-level Python web framework that allows for quick website building. It is open-source and free, with a large and active user community.

Frameworks Used By Backend Developers

We’d love to learn your needs, vision and explore how we can assist exceeding your goals. Goal – Back-End Developers should ensure the functionality of the website works and runs smoothly. Front-End Development is a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in UI design. However, mastering either of these two aspects of web building calls for a substantial amount of arduous labor in addition to a great deal of perseverance.

In addition to websites, junior front end developers may code and test mobile and web applications. You can learn some programming and database basics through a variety of avenues, including coding forums such as Stack Overflow, coding apps, and coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps can provide a foundation in topics such as data science and help you build practical experience. Express.js, also referred to as Express, is an open-source web application framework for Node.js that is distributed under the MIT license. It is regarded as a typical Node.js server framework and is used for creating APIs and online applications.

Front end developer vs back end developer

Database Coding –The back end developers also do the database part; they code for the database’s interaction with the frontend components. Web front Development –Once the build tool’s setup is done, front end developers’ next job is to focus on web front development. The front end developer develops everything you can see or click on this website. You can not perform any action without the help of backend developers. Whether you buy or search for any product on this website, all these actions are implemented by the back end developers. You can not develop any working website without the help of the front end or back end developers.

Here is a quick list of the most asked questions — and answers — related to front end and back end development. Those drawn to the technical aspects of web development will most likely go the back end development route. Ali Gohar Khan is a Writer and Proofreader with over four years of experience transforming caffeine into books. Before started writing, he got his Master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics. Since then, Ali has been telling brand stories of several businesses. When he isn’t writing, he’s probably watching thrillers on Netflix or exploring the outdoors.

This framework, which is open-source and cost-free to use, was created by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010. It is a well-liked and widely used frontend framework for building simple, one-page web applications. It makes it simple for developers by keeping the functionality and UI of the program apart. It may also be used for larger projects that call for less code and better design. This framework converts the data provided by the developer into models that are simple to make, check, and discard. In order to enable custom events and key-value binding, every time a UI action changes, an element of the model is also changed.

How To Scale Your Software Development Team Quickly

A front end developer skills involve solid knowledge of scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3. If you wish to become a front-end website developer, you need to master these three languages. For instance, if the website is a human body, using CSS, you can alter the build of muscles and change the way specific muscles look. Now, with regards to websites, you can use CSS to adjust specific sections of the site to define the look and style it displays. Front-end web developers integrate these “style and look” into a CSS file and include it on top of the HTML file.

  • Back-end devs use tools like SQL Server and Oracle to store, organize, and change data.
  • In addition to Python, it is also available in Golang, Javascript, Ruby, and other languages.
  • It makes use of a few program elements that were taken directly from JavaScript.
  • Developers do backend development with Python frameworks like Django and Flask.
  • It is one of the top ML libraries available online, with more than 150k stars on Github.

It is an open-source platform used to create user interfaces on the front end, much like ReactJS. ReactJS may easily take the top rank for the greatest Front-end Framework, given how simple it is to learn and how much money a ReactJS Front-end developer makes. React, now an open-source framework was first created by the Facebook team.

Backend Developer Salary

As we’ve mentioned above, a back end developer’s job involves working with different databases. There are some differences between the mobile and the web development approach. Also known as client-side development, FrontEnd development is a programming style that is all about coding and creating website elements and features that users can see and use. As there are different specializations developers can choose, how much a front end developer makes depends on which industry or field they work in. According to Burning Glass Technologies, a front end developer working as a web designer can earn more than $73,000 a year, and front end web developers have a median annual salary of $91,938.

Front end developer vs back end developer

Their code communicates the database information to the user or other back end systems. To make the server, the application, and the database communicate with each over, BackEnd developers use server-side languages. The languages used to build applications, just to name a few, are PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and Node.js, while common frameworks are Express, Django, Rails, Laravel, and Spring. When a user makes a request through the front end, the back end developer ensures that a program can deliver any requested data or information.

First, let’s keep going through the front side of the front end vs back end developer problem. At lunch, you hear about an incoming revamp of the website’s design. You suggest making sure that all the images are optimized properly but don’t care about it too much. As long as it doesn’t stop you from making the website faster, it’s not your problem. He says that your main competitor’s website has more accurate search results and their website loads much faster.


In a nutshell, full-stack developers are the software industry’s jacks-of-all-trades. Typical full-stack developers combine the skills of front-end and back-end developers. According to the employment website Indeed, the salaries for US-based back-end related jobs average around $128k per year, depending on seniority and location.

Front end developer vs back end developer

We will use data from authoritative websites like, Payscale, and Glassdoor to conduct detailed research on front-end and back-end developer salaries. Keeping the user in mind, FrontEnd developers ensure the site runs smoothly and is easy to interact with. The visual elements and how to hire a Web Developer the interactive features of websites are created focusing on what users see when visiting the page or app. C++ is a computer language that gives developers more control over memory and system resources. It’s also been used to teach new programmers how object-oriented programming works.

When hiring a developer, it’s worth considering the difference in salaries based on different hiring models. The following table breaks down the average rates for programmers. Therefore, employers can save a significant amount on payroll expenses by outsourcing programmers from countries with lower average salaries.

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They also usually need to communicate with web designers to make their aesthetic ideas fully functional. Read on to learn about the differences and similarities between these two career paths, and how a coding bootcamp can kickstart your journey as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer. This guide is a compilation of best mobile app development resources across the web. Learn everything about Software Development, its types, methodologies, process outsourcing with our complete guide to software development.

For those already entrenched into the domain, keeping up with these terms is quite easy. However, for those who are new to web development or software development in general, things like frontend vs. backend or Vue vs React are quite difficult to understand. Both the front end and back end development parts need the programming languages for the website’s better functionality. This section will discuss the programming languages used by the front end developer vs back end developer. Back end development is about developing the website’s back end or applications; it includes database development, coding, servers, etc. The back end development is entirely responsible for the website or application functionality.

Front end developer vs back end developer

This is especially important for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, which are designed to graphically transmit content to screens, printers, and projectors. To be a great one, you will need to master numerous libraries and frameworks. It will take you a long time to know enough to contribute to advanced projects. There are two main database types, relational and non-relational.

However, the UI of the website wouldn’t even be possible without the background program. That is a situation that tests the abilities of backend developers. Backend programmers write the code that enables database and application communication. The back end of a website, which consists of servers, databases, and apps, is handled by backend developers.

PHP, Perl, and Ruby are some of the other languages used for backend development. Since the developer community widely embraces PHP, let’s take that as an example. A scripting language, PHP, works together with Structured Query Language, or SQL, which is the database from where PHP pulls information out to enter it into an HTML file for display. Surely you clearly understand what frontend and backend of an application means. However, by far, the most critical front end developer skill is proficiency in JavaScript. The versatile JavaScript, which works side by side with both CSS and HTML, features in various applications, including the date and time and “Add to Favorites” button.

Only authoritative sources like academic associations or journals are used for research references while creating the content. The following information compares front-end vs. back-end developers. Explore programs of your interests with the high-quality standards and flexibility you need to take your career to the next level.